Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Day Moving Forward

Yesterday, everyone had their day off to remember the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Whether or not you chose to spend that particular day on leisurely activities or in the community giving a helping hand, the "Holiday" cannot be the end of your contributions. Located in Dr. King's many verbal manifestos, there is a message of equality and love for the greater good of all mankind. Have we as people taken the time to help our community in some way? In these times of economic insecurity, have we taken the "I have to get mine" stance? No matter how bad things get, one should always look to contribute, even if you feel it to be non consequential.

Too often people think, "If I were well off, I'd contribute much more". The legacy of MLK and many others, who scarified for human equality, would beg to differ. No matter how much individuals have monetarily, there is always something to be given. It may or may not be tangible, but It is honorary all the same. Thoughts, ideas, morals, and skills get passed along just as easily as the shirt you threw to Goodwill. Let's say for example, you pass on the collection Salvation Army bucket, but you give your insights on photo/film to a young mind. How far does the 2 bucks go compared to a tidbit of knowledge? Sure, It's only football you may teach to the kids, but your mannerisms, diligence, and discipline do not fall on deaf ears. Long story short, give people a peace of you. In my opinion this is the best way to take MLK's dream beyond an "off day" at work. Share knowledge and wisdom with your fellow man, it will do wonders for all people in the long run.

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