Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cloud Hopping and Bugers

Most of these are from the cookout we had earlier this month, but some are just on the everyday

Q-Tip in tha 305

Here's a clip of Q-tip performing the classic "Sucka Nigga" in Miami with the Roots Crew.

Q-Tip & The Roots perform "Sucka N*gga" (Miami) from on Vimeo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wiz Khalifa X YELAWOLF in Tallahassee Nov. 3 @ Potbelly's

I missed the last two times Wiz came to Tally. My kinfolk went to both and they said that it was great seeing his fan base blossom between the first and the second show. Now Wiz has a nationwide following of flyboys and kushblowers. His last mixtape, "Kush & Orange Juice" is an underground smash but I'm sure you're aware of that. Yelawolf has been coming on strong as of late. I really appreciate his rapping point of view. He's coming from the country (Alabama to be exact) and a lot of us can identify some of the ass backwards scenarios he puts in his songs. He was recently featured on Big Boi's latest album Sir Lucious LeftFoot: Son of Chico Dusty

You can bet we're gonna be there and you can also bet there's gonna be hella trees in the air...

Taylor Gang or... walk around in Cleveland with Lebron. you come up with your own absurd way to die.

Dom Kennedy in S. Florida

Dom Kennedy stops in Dade County to perform and talk about his plans for the future, the West Coast, why he isn’t signed yet and more. If you haven't took the time to listen to that "From the Westside with Love" mixtape, do so. In the interview he speaks on not rushing to throw out a major album before he masters his craft. I hope many more artists take this approach in the future.

1. In Memory Of
2. Still Me
3. 1997
4. Home Alone
5. Choose Up
6. The 4 Heartbeats (ft. Ovedoz)
7. Locals Only
8. Play On (ft. SKeme)
9. The Hotels (ft. Carter)
10. Love The Future
11. Room 323 Intermission
12. She Go (ft. Polyester)
13. Speaker Phone (Dial 143)
14. Long Way Home
15. A Leimert Park Song
[BONUS] Me Again

Free Download HERE

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visit the Shop

Get Ready For Fall and Visit the Shop

True Story

It's the first time I've heard anything from this cat Narcisyst, but this is an example of an artist unifying and educating through music. In case you've been living under the proverbial rock these past few months, I'll give you the rundown of this ramped Islamphobia that has engulfed this country. Many backwards bumpkins and rich rightwingers have taken a stance on all things Islamic, no matter what the cause. Many have long since accused the President for being Muslim(So what if he is Muslim in Faith) Fox News builds their whole programing mix on the notion that they can terrify Americans(it's working)on rather pedestrian issues including religion.

Recently, a proposed Mosque was in talks to be built near the 9/11 site. Of course media pundits jumped at the occasion to blast their fear tactics and scare up enough sentiment for a full fledged phobia of anything Islamic. If some American's weren't already hesitant enough to walk along side any olive skinned human being before, they definitely are now.

Now we have an organized Quran burning scheduled to take place in Gainsville, FL. Those same citizens probably didn't want me swimming in the same pool or drinking out of the same water fountain as them. Sheer ridiculousness and ignorance comes to mind when I think about this whole issue.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Rather Unique FLA is sponsoring a cookout @220 Lipona Road (right behind Gordos on Pensacola)in Tallahassee, this Sunday. Stop through and chill with us. There's gonna be all type of food, drinks and other goods. Just mention the code word, Rather Unique FLA, at the door and you're welcome to drop through.

I posted 2 vids today. The first one has "barbecue" in the title, so it was fitting. Not only did it have "barbecue" in the title, but it was the song that unleashed Nas to the world. The lethal first verse at 19 years old basically changed hip-hop forever.
The second vid is by Doc. Dre and Snoop. This song and video just made the Left Coast look sooo chill. It had one of the best barbecue scenes in Rap history.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shouts Out!

Thanks to all that visited our booth at FAMU's "Set". I saw some familiar faces and got to see the new crop of youngins walking the hills. We'll definitely be back with more vintage for ya in a few weeks or so. We'll keep you in the loop.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rather Unique FLA @ FAMU "Set Friday" Tomorrow from 11-2pm

Rather Unique FLA will be on the campus of Florida A&M University tomorrow showing off some cool threads and also taking pictures on campus. Come visit our post at "The Set" from 11am until 2pm. "LIKE" our Facebook page for a chance at prize giveaways. We'll have some pieces for sale, so come on and stop by.