Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Story

It's the first time I've heard anything from this cat Narcisyst, but this is an example of an artist unifying and educating through music. In case you've been living under the proverbial rock these past few months, I'll give you the rundown of this ramped Islamphobia that has engulfed this country. Many backwards bumpkins and rich rightwingers have taken a stance on all things Islamic, no matter what the cause. Many have long since accused the President for being Muslim(So what if he is Muslim in Faith) Fox News builds their whole programing mix on the notion that they can terrify Americans(it's working)on rather pedestrian issues including religion.

Recently, a proposed Mosque was in talks to be built near the 9/11 site. Of course media pundits jumped at the occasion to blast their fear tactics and scare up enough sentiment for a full fledged phobia of anything Islamic. If some American's weren't already hesitant enough to walk along side any olive skinned human being before, they definitely are now.

Now we have an organized Quran burning scheduled to take place in Gainsville, FL. Those same citizens probably didn't want me swimming in the same pool or drinking out of the same water fountain as them. Sheer ridiculousness and ignorance comes to mind when I think about this whole issue.

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