Friday, September 24, 2010

Dom Kennedy in S. Florida

Dom Kennedy stops in Dade County to perform and talk about his plans for the future, the West Coast, why he isn’t signed yet and more. If you haven't took the time to listen to that "From the Westside with Love" mixtape, do so. In the interview he speaks on not rushing to throw out a major album before he masters his craft. I hope many more artists take this approach in the future.

1. In Memory Of
2. Still Me
3. 1997
4. Home Alone
5. Choose Up
6. The 4 Heartbeats (ft. Ovedoz)
7. Locals Only
8. Play On (ft. SKeme)
9. The Hotels (ft. Carter)
10. Love The Future
11. Room 323 Intermission
12. She Go (ft. Polyester)
13. Speaker Phone (Dial 143)
14. Long Way Home
15. A Leimert Park Song
[BONUS] Me Again

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