Saturday, September 4, 2010


Rather Unique FLA is sponsoring a cookout @220 Lipona Road (right behind Gordos on Pensacola)in Tallahassee, this Sunday. Stop through and chill with us. There's gonna be all type of food, drinks and other goods. Just mention the code word, Rather Unique FLA, at the door and you're welcome to drop through.

I posted 2 vids today. The first one has "barbecue" in the title, so it was fitting. Not only did it have "barbecue" in the title, but it was the song that unleashed Nas to the world. The lethal first verse at 19 years old basically changed hip-hop forever.
The second vid is by Doc. Dre and Snoop. This song and video just made the Left Coast look sooo chill. It had one of the best barbecue scenes in Rap history.

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