Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from the Left Coast

As of right now, I'm waiting in Santa Barbara's pint sized airport dreading the upcoming work schedule, but this past week in Cali was well worth it. I didn't get to do everything (play ball at Venice Beach ala "White Men Cant Jump") or see everyone I wanted(due to space and time), but it was a solid trip.

This is a track off of Dela's "Atmosphere Airlines Vol 2" featuring Blu. Blu is the West Coast's and more specifically Cali's lyrical champion. You can bet this saw heavy rotation during my trip.

1. Welcome Back
2. Multi Barz Of Fury (Remix) – CL Smooth
3. Work It Out (Remix) – Q-tip
4. P.S.A (Elemental)
5. My Nigga – Elzhi (from the album Changes Of Atmosphere)
6. My Style Is Fly (Unreleased Mix) – Jazz Lib feat. Fatlip
7. Party & Bullshit (Remix) – Biggie
8. The Bullshit 2k9 – G.Slim
9. Long Life (Remix) – Talib Kweli
10. Mars – Blu
11. The Sag – Aloe Blacc
12. The Sidewalks (Dela’s City Mix) – J-Live
13. Trigger Happy Police
14. Motown 2k9 – Finale
15. All I Know – Reach
16. It’s Love (Remix) – DJ Tonk feat. Noelle Scaggs
17. Stressed Out (Remix) – A Tribe Called Quest
18. La Voix Claire (Remix) – Dany Dan
19. The Pursuit – Supastition & Brotha Soul

This Mixtape is definitely worth the download

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